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First, a little prologue. I remember as last year wound down Anil and I went to get some pizza to celebrate the end of a rough week. We talked about how long it had been so long since I’d last written anything. I absolutely love writing — but with everything going on I guess I just forgot how to reflect. Not healthy. Finally, 3 months into 2021 I’ve had some time to think about how much happened in the span of 12 months. With a couple personal things clouding my thoughts for these last few days, I figured this would…

To begin, the overarching objective of any political system in the US should be to maximize opportunity. This is derived from not only numerous moral standpoints, but quite easily from the sentiments of this nation’s founding fathers, as well as the popular sentiment of American’s today; among progressives and conservatives there is little disagreement that the opportunity of individual citizens should not be limited.

Jefferson redefined of the social contract so that the government has the responsibility of protecting “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Note, this language does not imply happiness itself, but rather the means by which…

My incomplete startup experiment — why it started, what we’ve learned, and how it’s shaped my perspective on everything.

Rohan Arora, a rising sophomore at Cal and a member of SEP, shares his thoughts on building a startup and chasing experiences.

My co-founders and I started FMB Technologies at an age when we probably would have been better off starting a band — not to say there’s anything wrong with that. We certainly fit the profile: three high schoolers who needed a distraction from thinking about our futures and something to do in the spare time that is second semester senior year. Young, ambitious friends seeking fortune, rockstar fame, but perhaps most of all, a deeper, more meaningful experience…

How our medical system is desensitizing us to death

The hallmark of healthcare today is the modern hospital — spacious, scientific, and always sterile — it would be seen as nothing less than a miracle for our bloodletting ancestors. And yet, though their methods were less sophisticated, our ancestors had the luxury of dying in their own beds, something 70% of Americans hope for, and only 25% ever receive (Facing Death). An overwhelming majority of dying individuals spend their final days in hospitals or other long-term care facilities.

You could argue that the world has changed for the better. After all, disease is what leads to death; and now…

Photo by FMB Technologies

Reimagining our world’s most crucial development pipeline

We all know how important user testing is in the development of a consumer product, but what happens when companies try to develop products that could hurt or kill humans if improperly designed? It’s a catch-22 situation thats plagued some of the world’s most crucial industries, including the one tasked with our lives — health care.

Fortunately, this industry has found a tried and tested solution: rodents. Particularly, researchers around the world — from the best universities to the most powerful pharmaceutical corporations — continue to use mice as initial beta-testers of novel therapeutics due to their availability, size, low…

There are 9.1 billion farm animals, raised on 2.1 million farms. Animal rights advocates are quick to point out not only this terrifying ratio, but that 95% of these animals are raised using “factory farming” techniques. These are methods which, according to the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, “focus on profit and efficiency at the expense of animal welfare”. And, according to them and to most humans, that is a bad thing.

Wait a minute — animal welfare? — I mean that’s a weird idea right? How come these animal rights activists get to decide what “welfare”…

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A unique clash in the perspectives that lay at the base of western civilization

Writers and thinkers over the course of western history have often concerned themselves with the notion of a soul that exists separate from a material human body. The defining characteristics of a soul, its purpose, and its ultimate fate, are features that vary greatly across cultures and manifest themselves in how individual civilizations treat both death and their dead. It’s no secret that traditional Greek thought, expressed in the writings of Plato and Aristotle, has heavily influenced later thinkers throughout Western culture, especially those belonging to Roman civiliztation. In light of this, it’s rather interesting that Plato’s original interpretation of…

Rohan Arora

Co-Founder @ FMB Technologies | Bioengineering @ Berkeley

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